Thanks for taking a few minutes to explore a powerful partnership that has been going strong for over 24 years — with much more to come. The purpose of this site is to cast a bright light on 1) Our current GM/Schawk service relationship; 2) Today’s value differentiators; and 3) A look under the hood at our scalability for global growth.

Delivering Brand Performance: To all of us at Schawk, it's all that matters when working with you, your agencies and your print partners.

Clarence W. Schawk founded the company 60 years ago
in a basement on the Northwest side of Chicago where he made litho plates.

Our 3,600 + employees serve 52 fortune 500 companies
from 155 locations in 26 countries on 5 continents, developing and deploying brands.

Our Brands

By creating brands, helping sell brands and producing & protecting
brand equities, we help our clients ensure higher brand performance.

Defines brand meaning and creates beautiful design that seduces at the point of sale.

Actively sells brands from the shelf out, creating emotional and rational connections.

Produces and protects brands, ensuring flawless execution and consistency.

BLUE is the leading software for global graphics process management for brands. With BLUE you gain speed, efficiency, accuracy and ROI.


    Brand Development
    • Chicago
    • Cincinnati
    • New York
    • San Francisco
    • Toronto
    • Brussels
    • London
    • Netherlands
    • Paris
    • York
    • Hong Kong
    • Melbourne
    • Seoul
    • Shanghai
    • Singapore
    • Sydney
    • Tokyo
    Brand Deployment
    • Atlanta
    • Battle Creek
    • Chicago
    • Cincinnati
    • Dallas
    • Des Plaines
    • Detroit
    • Kalamazoo
    • Los Angeles
    • Milwaukee
    • Minneapolis
    • Mount Olive
    • New York
    • Redmond
    • São Paulo
    • San Francisco
    • Stamford
    • Toronto
    • Queretaro
    • Antwerp
    • Leeds
    • Lodz
    • London
    • Manchester
    • Newcastle
    • Valencia
    • Chennai
    • Penang
    • Shanghai
    • Shenzhen
    • Singapore
    • Tokyo

Geared To Produce
& Protect

When it comes to the GM brand, we produce to protect it. Through our decoupling, centralization and adjacencies best practices, we guarantee consistency, speed and security.


Today's model is scalable on a global basis to support your marketing and print production needs around the world.



The production and service resource model built for GM is scalable to meet peak demands locally as well as facilitate the ease of adding new AORs and global divisions. The single source partnership allows for a transparency and leveraging of spend, single point of contact for production, centralized color control, flexibility to change printer resources and detailed reporting on all aspects of the print production process for continuous improvement.



Responding to GM

Services Delivered /
Value Provided

    • Services
    • Image Standards
    • Color Editing
    • Page Assembly
    • Production Retouching
    • Proofing
    • Dedicated Print Support
    • Digital & Analog Delivery
    • Technology Support
    • Custom Reporting
    • Value
    • Visual brand consistency
    • Speed and flexibility
    • Leveraged spend
    • Scalability across continents
    • Automation and investment
    • 3,000 subject matter experts

Get Better.
See Results.

Schawk’s continuous improvement practice is born out of 60 years of service to our partners in areas that span creative development and print production execution.

Our Promise

Improve Performance Brand and Business
Market Share

Reduce Frustration Maintain the focus and ownership of tasks that deliver on prioritized activities

Drive Consistency
Follow through with predictability of process inputs, steps and deliverables

Enhance Processes
Utilize validation, thereby reducing the risk of recalls due to errors in labeling information

& Right Size

There are multiple types of engagement methodologies the Continuous Improvement Practice facilitates based on the breadth, depth and scope of client needs.

Focused Resources

Using Insights to…

for short-term and long-term activities that promote the health and success of the relationship.

and maintain the focus and ownership of tasks that deliver on prioritized activities.

a deeper understanding of your current and future objectives and goals.

Leveraging Global

Today's model is scalable on a global basis to support your marketing and print production needs around the world.

for Integration

  1. 1. Creative Retouching

  2. 2. Stock Photography

  3. 3. Copywriting

  4. 4. Workflow Optimization

  5. 5. Project management

  6. 6. Production Art

  7. 7. Packaging

Want to learn more?

Robert Collier
Managing Director, Detroit

Michael Leeds
Senior Vice President Client Engagement, Americas

Tim Kiel
Group Managing Director, Americas